Launching a new product during lockdown proved to be problematic for itgel from a marketing point of view. They developed a new range of products but were unable to have their new products photographed in the usual manner due to restrictions.

Project Goals

Provide itgel with an alternative solution to market their new product ranges visually.


I created a range of 3D models and product scenes to allow for hugely versatile marketing compositions to be created to promote the various products.

Social Media


Social media marketing is essential to the success of the itgel band and product range.  Here are some of the instagram posts created to advertise the new brand.  This was even more important due to the lockdown restrictions limiting more traditional marketing media.


Website graphics

Product and supporting graphics were created for the itgel e-commerce website. Using the 3D renders and product mock-ups allowed us to create a wide range of graphics according to the specification of the client for use on product and marketing pages.